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1-800-i-GolfBC (446-5322)
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General Inquiries:

Andy Hedley, Vice President of Operations, GolfBC - British Columbia
Anne Takabuki, President - Wailea Golf Club, GolfBC - Hawaii
Rita Rennie, Director of Marketing, GolfBC Group

Tournaments, Corporate Groups & Events

Rachel Kent, Sales & Events Manager (Mayfair Lakes)
Brad Woods, Sales & Events Manager (Furry Creek)
Jennifer Vagg, Sales & Events Manager (Nicklaus North)
Ken Langdon, Sales & Events Manager (Olympic View)
Rich Ingle, General Manager (Arbutus Ridge)
Dan Matheson General Manager (The Okanagan GC)
Tanya Coleman, Sales & Events Manager (Gallagher's Canyon)
Jennifer McNally, Sales and Events Manager, Maui, Hawaii (Wailea GC)
Sales Department, Crystal Lodge, Whistler

Marketing & Advertising

Furry Creek: Paul Nijjer (General Manager)
Nicklaus North: Jennifer Vagg, (Sales & Events Manager)
Mayfair Lakes: Melissa McTaggart (Marketing & Communications Manager - Memberships)
Olympic View: Randy Frank (General Manager)
Arbutus Ridge: Rich Ingle (General Manager)
Okanagan Golf Club: Dan Matheson (General Manager)
Gallagher's Canyon: Peter Hopley (General Manager)
Hawaii: Jennifer McNally (Sales Manager - Wailea Gold/Emerald), Barry Helle (General Manager - Wailea Blue)

GolfBC Property Contacts
The Okanagan (Kelowna)

Vancouver to Whistler

Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club (Richmond)
Furry Creek Golf & Country Club (Furry Creek - along the Sea to Sky Hwy)
Nicklaus North Golf Course (Whistler)
Crystal Lodge (Whistler)

Vancouver Island

Wailea, Maui, Hawaii